Penta - Portuguese Abduction

Well, it has finally happened: the Portuguese aliens have taken what was theirs for several years now – that is, Nikita Tselovalnikov, the producer of Penta, the psytrance project that has been seen live in 30 countries around the world. To commemorate this fact, AuraQuake Music is happily releasing “Portuguese Abduction”, the fourth album from Nikita, now an Azores Islands resident. Packed with next generation sounds, unexpected passages and his trademark sampling, this release is a wicked pentadelic circus carousel that takes you on a wild journey through night and day. From deep and dark “No More Evil” to the funky and unpredictable “BBQ” to the vocal and full-on “Neo Cheesy” this album is for everyone. Drawing from his experience in working at the Soviet nuclear laboratory, Nikita has made sure that every track will detonate properly on every dance floor, – huge and tiny. The mastering was provided by Tim Shuldt at the 4CN-Studios, so you can expect fresh and transparent sound all the way.