One Love Festival 2014 Video

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Penta at One Love Festival 2014 in Swoitzerland

It was a great pleasure being at this lovely gathering in the Swiss Alps last weekend. The organizers were really cool guys, and everything went great. There was a general cool vibe about the party, which took the One Love Festival crew about 3 weeks to construct. Rain was a bit pain in the ass, but I thought it wasn’t bad, I have seen much, much worse. Luckily, my set was spared precipitation.

Filisur, the village which had to endure long-distance psy trance beats for several days is a nice place, I wish I could stay there for a month waking up to nothing but bird sounds and majestic mountains all around. In the end, maybe it was a good little break from Portugal, where it is pretty hot at the moment.

I have taken a little video from the stage during one of the last tracks of my set – Power Crunch, released on my All Shots Double psytrance album on AuraQuake. I ended up playing for one and a half hours at One Love Festival due to some problem with the next DJ being late. I didn’t mind, and I hope nobody on the dance floor did either.

2 Responses to "One Love Festival 2014 Video"
  1. Mat says:

    Penta will always be welcome to Switzerland for a amazing night session :-)
    Cheers from Switzerland

  2. Anatoly says:

    Waiting in Moskow. Will be glad to see you and have fun.

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