New Year of Gigs

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Penta Rome 2015

Hello Penta friends,
This year it seems like I am going to be touring more than in 2014. While still fully employed with my regular jog as a Web Designer and Developer, I am going to be traveling on average two times a month instead of once in 2 months like last year. I have already played in Rome, Italy and Lindau Germany, and soon flying to Mexico city for the first time, followed by trip to Skopje, Macedonia and Castelo Branco in Portugal. Sounds like a lot of fun! On the releases front, I am also planning to be more active this year. You have probably stumbled upon a free download of my Boom Festival hit “Dracula’s Childhood” on Sound Cloud The track will come out officially in a an edited state soon on a Penta EP.

If you want to keep track of my upcoming gigs, be sure to track me on my Bands in Town Page:

See you soon!

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